Born 80 years ago in a circus caravan parked in the market square of the Hungarian city of Keszthely, István Kristóf had his path in life laid out from the beginning. As the child of a renowned strong man father and an aerialist mother, it’s no wonder that he grew up in the bright lights of the ring, accompanied by a celebrated elephant, Aida. He earned his first international successes as an aerial acrobat with the Hunor group before partnering with his equally talented wife, Ilona Sallai.10;As “Duo Kristof”, they won the Silver Clown Award at the Monte Carlo Circus Festival. Other prestigious awards were to follow, along with a 24-year tenure as director of the Capital Circus of Budapest, where he and his son, Kristian, conceived of and launched the Budapest International Circus Festival. The singular life stor y of István Kristóf of fers a glimpse into the mar vellous world of the circus. This book is that story, as told in his own words. magánkiadás Életrajz 212 oldal Kötés: füles, kartonált ISBN: 9786150138121 Szerző: Judit Sz. Látó Kiadás éve: 2022



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